Thursday, October 8, 2009

new photos

I've got the camera working.  This first photo is Daniel's beloved salamander.

Here is my Emily, hanging out.

Here is Anna Grace--10 months old today--playing with the big girl toys.  She is walking very well--losing that drunken-sailor, new-walker stride.

Here is my Timothy, down for the count.  He was sick as a dog yesterday, feverish and listless. He was glad he didn't have to pay any of his token-behavior-system, play-money dollars for any of the TV he watched.  TV is free for sickos around here; it's the only way to get them to rest.  Today he is throwing up and still feverish.  I think we're in for it around here.

I cuddled with Timothy while he watched Charlotte's Web--stroking his face and hair.  As much as I could, I spent special time with him all day.  Then last night as I was tucking him in, he grabbed my neck to give me another hug.  He whispered in his sick-boy, hoarse voice, that he loved me taking care of him.  That made me feel like a million bucks!  I do love being a nurse to my sweeties.

They all got their regular flu shots last Thursday.  He either picked this virus up at church, or in the doctor's office. How catch 22 is that?  Go to the doctor's office for a shot to stay well, and then get sick from your well visit.  That works for me.  NOT!

We wash our hands in the van with gel, and then with soap and water when we get home.  I explained numerous times that they probably won't get sick if they keep their hands off their face.  Then suddenly, they have an insatiable desire to touch their face.  Gotta love kids!

A couple good consignment-shop finds--both warm corduroy fabrics