Wednesday, October 7, 2009

pride before the fall

Anna Grace is our only baby who hasn't fallen off our bed.  They all rolled sooner than we imagined they would. We were caught off-guard the first time, and just plain stupid when the other two fell.

So of course since Anna hasn't fallen off the bed, we thought we had it going on as parents.

Until this week.

Pride goeth before the fall.

Anna stood up in her high chair Sunday night.  I said to Don, "Honey, she is standing up in her high chair now.  We have to watch out for it."

Next morning, I forgot what she had done the night before.  I gave her Cheerios and then went to quickly hang up some shirts in the boys' closet.

I heard the blood-curdling cry.  I ran out there expecting to see blood everywhere.

There she was, sitting on her bottom, on the floor, crying her eyes out.  No blood.  No head injury.

She fell on her bottom.  Yes, her bottom!  That's the grace of God at work, surely.

He gave me a second warning.  This time I won't mess up again.

Praise you, Jesus!