Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Hefalump

Earlier I checked out the Pooh Hefalump movie from the library, to enhance Timothy's stuck-on-the-couch experience.  He still hasn't perked up this afternoon, although he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the movie.  Pooh never fails to entertain us.

A couple hours later I came into my bedroom to hang up some clothes, and I saw Daniel doing something in here in the dark.  He jumped when I came in, and immediately said, "I'm sorry!  I got string stuck everywhere!"

Yes, indeed.  There was white string all over my bedroom, wrapped around the crib, the computer desk, etc.

Just another mess.  When life is crazy and stressful anyway, I tend to underreact to such things.  I merely said, "What in the world were you trying to do?"

What was his answer?  Can you guess?

"I was trying to trap a hefalump!"