Wednesday, July 1, 2009

two things

Two things this morning. I found this post via the comments section of another blog. It is a wonderful, not-too-technical explanation of how the ADHD brain works. We have given up on the medication route for now, but in reading this post, I see that we may have given up too soon. Our doctor has been slowly, painfully taking us through all the available medications, and we've been so frustrated about not being able to find the right drug, in the right dose, that doesn't lead to the sleep, eating, and mood issues associated with ADHD drugs. Even the non-stimulant drug Strattera has many of the same side effects. I found this post to be a real blessing.

The other thing this morning is how much I love this writing-helps book (pictured). One of Daniel's workbox tasks for today is to write a thank you letter to his PA aunt, for the nice trip to the Amish farm. The aunt actually lives in Lamar, which is a very small town just outside of State College--where one of my readers lives! Hello CT!

If you plan on purchasing writing curriculum for next year, I highly recommend this Write Source resource.


ctdeyo said...

OMG, we used to live IN Lamar! It is TINY! Have you been there or just your husband and kids?

Liz said...

Great link to the post on ADHD. Before we began meds we tried dietary changes (still do the fish oil -- fermented cod liver oil) and also had bloodwork done that showed Grace had a low iron level. We began supplementing with a multivitamin plus iron and I began to see a bit of a change in her -- she was a bit more teachable and it was a great change. Apparantly iron is partly responsible for the production of dopamaine. After several months we realized this change wasn't enough, but I believe it can be for some kids. Just wondering if you've had Daniel's iron levels checked. I had read a book titled "10 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About ADHD" or something to that effect and basically there were many other causes for ADHD-like behavior that should be addressed before even trialing meds. I called the pediatrition and we went through the list together, this is what led to the bloodwork. Anyway, just reading that other post made me think of all that!

p.s. Great news about the eye exam -- God is faithful, isn't He?