Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Driving Through?

Yes, CT, I've been to Lamar, PA a few times with Don and the boys. Not since Emily was born; she does poorly on long car rides. An hour or two is pushing it as her body needs to move, move, move! Rest stops make it worse, almost! She hates being put back in; maybe this will change when she hits three years old?

Anyway, I love Lamar! We were driving through the first time on the way back from Don's sister's house--a few hours west of Philly. Timothy was 2 at the time and badly needed a nap. He hadn't slept well at Lorrie's the night before. And he wouldn't nap at Aunt Dot's house in Lamar. So on a whim I took him for a drive all around Lamar. He fell asleep and I fell in love! There was no one else in the van to whom I could express my delight at the farms and rolling hills. So I told God how wonderful it all was, and could we please live there someday, God? Or some place like it?

For a few months after my first visit, I was searching the job sites for jobs and the home sites for homes in that area. Put me in the middle of Amish farms and I'm in heaven, I tell ya! We have an Amish area about 8 miles from us--called Hartville. So if we drive to the left, it's all pretty farms and beautiful country (not High Sierras or Yosemite beautiful--more of an everyday, quaint beauty). On the other side of us is a small college town--not quaint. But Ohio is flat, flat, flat. No rolling hills around here.

But alas, there seems to be no economy in all these quaint places, unless you have the talent to create beautiful trinkets and open a craft shop. Maybe some day we can live there and both work from home--me writing as an old lady, tending to my vast garden, and Don doing some kind of computer work.

Anyhow, this is where God has us, and I really am content. I take country drives around Hartville as much as I can. Super thrift stores there too.

And I need to say hi to the sometimes-reader in Tallmadge, Ohio, which is near us. Hello!

And according to Google Analytics, there seem to also be readers in Akron. Hello to you, too!

If anyone out of Ohio needs a place to stay while driving through on trips this summer, let me know. I'll clean the house for you--don't worry! LOL Save money on an hotel. Get a hot shower! The best sweet corn around--worth driving here for-- grows on a farm just down the street from us.

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