Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's official. She's crawling across rooms. Takes two or three paces, then rests a second, and then takes two or three more. Time to get down on the floor and do some serious babyproofing.

What's with this crawling at 6.5 months? She no longer wants to be held much. With your first couple babies, you get so excited when they do new things. With later babies, you feel a bit cheated when they want to grow up so fast--leaving your lap for bigger and better things.

I just caught her crawling toward the wall where we have board books propped up on the floor. I opened the book she was after (about babies and objects around the house), and showed her the pictures. She moved her hand and arm over the babies pictured inside, as if she wanted to touch their skin. Cute.

The pace at which babies learn is absolutely amazing!


Sandi said...

Wow, crawling at 6.5 months. Eli is 9 months on July 7 and he is just now pulling forward on his knees a bit and scooting backward on his tummy. He has been a back sleeper the whole time and doesn't like being on his tummy though. He's also just a content little guy...who needs to move when everyone does everything for you.
My oldest didn't crawl till 12 months and didn't walk till 16 months.

She's a cutie!

Jess said...

it goes fast doesn't it? :) hope your heart isn't too sad.

as usual, little late, but i adored the father's day note about your beloved as well as the post just after-being blessed because he is home.

i completely am humbled and blessed each time i read a post of how the loss of his job has made you trust the Lord and see Him come through in amazing and loving ways.

so even though i haven't commented lately, i am still thinking and praying for you and yours and reading when i get a minute! take care and have a wonderful week miss pam.