Tuesday, June 30, 2009

as simple as

I am running out of contact lenses and haven't been seen by an eye doctor for over two years. We didn't have any vision insurance through the school district, so we kept putting it off. Today I was seen by a Walmart vision center doctor. He was quick, witty, and very nice. Seeing that I didn't have any insurance, he discounted the exam fee. I told him thank you, but was embarrassed to say anything more. Next week I go back to tell him how I like these new contacts, and then I'll give him a thank you card, with the words I couldn't say to his face.

People without vision insurance are everywhere, so it isn't like my situation is unusual. But he cares. It probably costs him to care, but he does it anyway. He wasn't from our area. I drove 30 minutes to get this available appointment, so I would have new contacts as soon as possible, and so that I could get these errands out of the way before Don starts school. God knew that this man was the man I needed to see.

Although this whole job loss thing is nerve-wracking, it IS exciting to see what God has planned next. Somehow he always ensures that we make ends meet, even though there are so many variables, and so many purchases that seem pressing. The sprinkler I bought for the kids wasn't pressing, and at the time I felt guilty for being weak. The kids are spoiled--no doubt about that. I am a generous person, and the flip side of every strength is a weakness. Generous people are more likely to spoil their kids, which is a big negative in a lot of respects--taking years and a lot of discipline to reverse. We are making headway on this; I know this because when we come upon a good deal at a garage sale or at a thrift store, Daniel tells me excitedly, "Jesus blessed us today!" Amen to that. He is learning that the world and everything in it belongs to the Lord.

God must understand that there will be purchases like sprinklers; since he blessed me today, maybe the sprinkler was okay with him--either that, or his grace prevailed.

Our van has over 150,000 miles on it, and now that Don's car is grounded, we are putting more miles on it. There isn't going to be money to get a new used van anytime soon. When I let it, this situation worries me. I want to be able to use the van to extend the children's education--beyond the border of our home, and our books. When God works things out like he did today with the doctor, it helps me remember that my troubles are not lost on him. He knows how many miles are on the odometer. Of course he does.

I saw Glenn Beck's new book in the doctor's waiting room, with the doctor's name stamped on the front cover, and the words "office copy". Seeing this book, I wondered before meeting this doctor if he might be a Christian. When he quietly told me he was discounting the price already given to me, I knew. Yes...he knows the Lord. And maybe he has been where I am, at some point in his life--causing him to extend compassion. Being down on your luck can lead to a huge buildup of compassion. Not an everyday type of compassion, but a burning compassion. Probably one that you never really lose touch with.

Whatever your financial situation is, don't let it weigh on you. God knows all the figures, and he knows how many days of life are left on your water heater, on your furnace, and on your vehicle. Just delight in Him. It's as simple as that.

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Margie said...

Oh Miss Pam, you have blessed me with this post today. You are such a sweet lady.