Monday, June 22, 2009


Anna Grace and Emily Rose caught the sniffles somewhere. I imagine Anna won't be putting in her best night of sleep, so I've got to move on to chores quickly and get ready for bed.

I just wanted to reflect here on how much of a blessing job loss has been, in some respects.

- Anna has a cold and I am available to comfort her--because Don is home.

- Anna is my last baby and I'm making every minute count--because Don is home and I can.

- The children love their new kiddy pool and can use it a lot--because Don is home.

- Daniel loves to go frogging and insect hunting, and he can often--because Don is home.

- Emily Rose LOVES the outdoors and can go out frequently--because Don is home.

- The children love it when we use the grill and now we can often--because Don is home.

-We love to go to the library, but Emily is one-on-one there (and everywhere), so I can't take everybody myself. But we can go as a family now, and often--because Don is home.

- Daniel and I LOVE berries, and we can enjoy them often; I have time to prepare them--because Don is home.

- Timothy loves to use various engineering/building toys, but some require adult help, and he gets that help--because Don is home.

No, we're not doing well financially and there are consequences to that, but the house payment is being made, and we're eating full meals and snacks still. Tomorrow will take care of itself, as long as we do the tasks the Lord has for us today.

In the meantime, I will rejoice--because Don is home.

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ctdeyo said...

NIcely said, Pam.