Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day Tribute

A Father's Day Tribute

Honey, do you know what I most wanted to find in a husband? A good father for my yearned-for children. Everything else would be wonderful--I knew--if that one thing was there. And God had me wait. And wait. And wait.

When, at age 32, I met you...I just knew. There was no question. We met on a church-singles' hike in October and were married the following July 3rd (in case you've forgotten the details lol). And there was no regret. There never has been, My Love.

You far surpass what people would call a "good father". Never taking a moment for yourself, you give tirelessly to our children. Even when dealing with Daniel--who often sends you to your knees before God--you never stop giving. If there is a spare moment, you spend it with our children, while still somehow making me feel cherished.

You don't philosophize, wonder about their future, or worry about the present. You just do love. If anyone ever needed a definition of what it means for love to be a verb, they need only spend a day with you. There is nothing you WON'T do for them--be it bathing, diaper changing, or the dreaded craft time--which you hate. You just put one foot in front of the other and do. There is no hesitation.

Your favorite thing is to take them outdoors, which you do a lot. But that isn't Timothy's favorite thing. So you show Timothy love in other find out what he needs, and you respond.

Thank you, My Love, for giving of yourself, each and everyday, without rest. Thank you for BEING sacrificial love, just as Jesus was.

Babies take a lot of out you, driving you nearly insane sometimes, but you've allowed me four of them--much to my never-ending delight. Thank you especially for that. There's no greater gift you could have given me.

You waited a long time to marry yourself, and only had one full year with me before I conceived and became a mother six times in eight years--nursing for five of them. It hasn't been what you imagined, by any means, and yet you've never begrudged me my mothering bliss. I'm beholden to you for that, as well as for so many other things.

Thank you, My Love. I love you with all my heart, and it grows stronger everyday, as I see you tirelessly carry out the greatest commandment.


Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing about your road with ADHD. I have a friend who had great success with meds but from what I have read her experience isn't the norm. I don't want to change my son's personality .
I love who he is...I would just love for him to be able to focus better. I must admit that the early mornings when his feet hit the ground running I really want him to slow down :o)

I started fish oils a few months ago but realized about 3 weeks ago I wasn't giving him seems to be helping especially with the aggression. He is being more rational too. I have also provided daily exercise for him over the last week and that has made a difference too. IT is just the last few weeks that I finally accepted that we might need help and since then I have been reading anything I can get my hands on. I will be trying many of the suggestions before we go the meds route. If he can still learn then we don't need meds but if it is interferring with learning then we may consider. It definately effected things this year but he is only 5 (almost 6).

I just read a book called SUperparenting for ADD by Hallowell. It was very helpful to me. Thanks for your input.

Great tribute to your hubby!
Any news on the job?

Carolyn said...

That was beautiful, Pam. You are a blessed woman.