Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Interview

I don't say much about the job hunt here. There isn't usually encouraging news, and I don't want to say something that will be a downer for someone who may have just lost a job. The shock of joblessness is difficult to deal with at first, but after a few months have passed, one gets used to the uncertainty.

I do want to ask for prayer for an interview Don will have tomorrow. It is the first job listed that includes benefits. Don never expected the application to amount to anything, so getting the call for an interview was quite surprising to him. It would be so encouraging to him, and such a blessing to all of us, if he is chosen. I don't know what God has planned, and perhaps this job would be a bad fit. So I guess I'm asking for prayer that Don will feel confident and relaxed during the interview, no matter what the outcome. If you've been to any interviews lately, you know how draining it can be for those of us who don't have confidence exuding from our pores. Just going in there and feeling confident would be a blessing.

I probably say too much about my husband on my blog. A lot of you are nodding right now. Certainly it is in poor taste to put one's husband down in anyway. They deserve our love and respect always. But when only gushing things are said about husbands on blogs, it gives the impression that marriage can be an easy breezy thing for some people. That just isn't the truth; I strive to present a realistic picture of marriage. A good goal for any spouse is to get to a humble place in our heart about our own imperfections. When we get to and stay at that humble place, our marriage happiness just soars--even though our spouse may have stayed the same.

Anyway, hopefully I have painted enough of a good picture that someone out there wants to pray for him. Thank you!

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Sandi said...

Marriage definately is not a walk in the park but well worth the effort and investment. I have to work hard not to focus on what he isn't instead of what he is. I so quickly become critical.

And GRACE has been the key for us. I need to give the grace I have received in Christ! It's a daily work in progress.

Hope the interview goes well. I will pray tomorrow.