Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Anna Grace 6 mos.

You adore them, Anna Grace. And they you.
Those cheeks, so kissable. I will remember them always.

No, your head isn't big. Just in this picture. I wanted to get your lone curl. And your pre-crawl rock on all fours.

Dear Anna Grace,

You are six months old, my Sweet Love! Words can't even describe what a joy you are to me! Everyday when I cuddle you, smell you, kiss you, sleep with you, and watch you grow, I am in awe of the beautiful, sweet, energetic daughter the Lord gave to a forty-two-year-old woman! Your brothers and sister are all currently handfuls in their own ways. But you, my Gracie Girl, fill me up, refresh me, and delight me, so that I can respond with grace toward your siblings.

You were a mere 5 pounds, 9 ounces at birth. Now, at six months, you are 15 pounds! I find you athletic, like your sister and Daniel. During diaper changes you practice your V-sits, just like Emily did. You are up on all fours, rocking back and forth, and occasionally doing a backwards combat crawl. You don't sit up with a straight back yet, but you try to get into a sitting position from the floor.

Floor time is your favorite thing, and it now takes up most of your day. With your rolls, you can get anywhere you want in the living room. I worry about your siblings accidentally trampling over you; they seem so unaware of your wanderings. You like all your toys and find ways to get to those out of reach, most of the time.

Your disposition is sunny, sunny, sunny! No rainy days or thunder anywhere in sight--yet. There's always a ready smile, a happy squeal, from my Gracie girl.

You love being around the whole family, but you are also fine playing alone. Even when I know your gums are bothering you, you don't whine or complain. Only when you are ready for the sandman do you get out of sorts.

Your eyes haven't finished changing yet, but I suspect they will be brown, like Daniel's. Your hair color is like Daniel's as well, although in your pictures, because we don't have flash, it looks darker than that.

You have a flirty personality and are always trying to engage Daddy or your siblings when they are near you. They all find you a delight, Anna Grace. Emily Rose is very gentle and sweet with you--it warms my heart immensely to see her with you. The boys are on the rough and rowdy side with you, but you never seem to mind a bit. They don't mean any harm at all; they just don't have that nurturing side. All three siblings are flattered that you find them so engaging and fun. I know you can't wait to be up running around with them. I see it in your eyes.

Soon enough, my Anna. Soon enough. I confess it will break my heart to see you toddler right out of your babyhood. But I'll play it tough, for you. I love you, Anna. Momma loves you!


Holly said...

What a beautiful baby and family you have. Holly

Sandi said...

She's a cutie!

How'd the interview go?