Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That Story

The story about the blogger which I posted yesterday kept me awake a bit last night. I hadn't heard about her blog at all before seeing the news story. The Internet is such a beast in some ways, but hopefully this story will have a happy ending some months or years down the line. I did read on Angie Smith's Bring the Rain Blog, which was featured in the story, that this exposed blogger might get psychiatric help, at the very least due to the stress of being exposed; she did visit the hospital.

What finally gave me some peace is the fact that perhaps Angie Smith will reach out to this person again, showing mercy and perhaps holding the woman accountable for receiving and following through on psychiatric care. If there is a criminal record involved and the woman is a regular scam artist, then I suppose Angie might be better off letting it go. I want to believe God will use this for good.

It occurred to me while reading the woman's apology, which was also featured in the article, that maybe she is suffering mental illness stemming from, in part, a past abortion. It seemed that she was implying that. Maybe she will speak out about that someday, discouraging other young women from choosing that route.

Perhaps multiple good things will emerge from this sad story. Use it for your glory, God!

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Melanie said...

I agree - I thought the same thing when I came across the story, that perhaps she was channeling her grief over a past abortion.
It is interesting, in Japan they have places women who've had abortions can go and say a prayer for their aborted babies.
While I in no way condone abortion, it is a sad irony that mother's who miscarry are allowed to grieve the loss of their child and yet we expect that a woman who chose abortion would not experience a similar sense of loss. Perhaps this story will bring some of that reality to light.
PS Our kids are very similar in age and spacing: Mine are 8.5, 6.5, 3.5 and 20 months.