Monday, May 11, 2009

Red Walls, cont.

I continue to write to you via my nauseating green computer screen. When we remembered that Yikes!, our health insurance runs out in a few weeks, well....suddenly a new monitor seemed really foolish. (What if the swine flu hits Mommy and Daddy?) Green is a beautiful monitor color, after all. I welcome the color each spring, counting the days until the leaves make their glorious appearance, and the freshly mowed grass colors my world in absolute splendor.

In other news, the mystery of the blue floor is solved. As I was getting the whites gathered for washing, I noticed Timothy had thrown a paint-stained sock into the hamper. That explains the sponge-painted look of my floor, and the giggling. Call it a virtual Mother's Day card. lol

Daddy has not yet dismantled the art center, surprisingly enough. I wonder how much longer it will survive?

Thank you, Jess, for mentioning that the "My Charming Kids" blog author has her mother-in-law living downstairs. I do feel much better now about my cluttered dining room, which, by the way, I am going to tend to after the dishes. Daddy and Anna are peacefully sleeping in the rocker, giving me a few free minutes.

No, Anna Grace will still not sleep in a crib. I'm beginning to think her spit-up habit doesn't allow her to lie flat comfortably. I keep her elevated in our bed at night, and she usually sleeps fine, although she's attached to a breast more often then not. High maintenance! But so cute and smiley! Grandma said Anna smiles more than any baby she's ever seen. Church folk mentioned how very happy she is, too. She seems to be running the show around here. What's not to be happy about?

Anyway, a before-dinner rondeveous in the backyard brought in mud and grass, making a sweeping and scrubing of the dining room mandatory this evening. What I really need is a nanny to stand guard at both doors, collecting shoes and depositing muddy, spring-fevered kids into the bath. Where is Mary Poppins when you need her?

I mentioned at dinner that perhaps we should paint the dining room red. The children looked frightened, but Daddy just smiled. I really like that man. He draws the line at a blue-painted floor, but red walls are okay.

I wonder if I actually have the guts? I do have red dishes and apple decorations all over the country hutch. Hmm. Might be too dark a wall color, paired with Ohio's cloudy days. But just the bravery involved is intriguing.

What brave thing have you done to your house? And were there regrets?


Margie said...

As I have recently begun a painting project I feel that I can comment on this. Really Pam, take the is just paint try it our for a while and if you find you don't like it you can paint over and try again. I am working on Aidan's room right now a lovely green that he picked out. With a little guidance from me of course. I am also going to paint the kitchen a buttery yellow in my effort to make it seem larger. My neighbor has a kitchen/dining area painted red and it looks amazing. You could always try just painting one accent wall and see how you like it. I love to paint, can you tell! Now if I only had more time, I could get done so much faster. I will post some completion pictures of Aidan's room soon as I am still working on trim and the ceiling. You will see why if I ever get to post on my blog. If you need encouragement feel free to e-mail

Jess said...

oh, AND mckmama isn't homeschooling any you are. you are a busy lady and free time or time not schooling is spent with day-to-day household maintanance.

and i agree with margie. if you want a red dining room, go for it. paint is an easy thing to fix.

Liz said...

Some day my dining room will be red too! Right now it's a playroom... sometimes I get frustrated that's it's not a nice, neat, RED dining room that is ready to greet company at a moment's notice. But I am oh, so grateful for the child (I thought I might never have) who leaves her toys strewn about.

I say don't start a painting project right now. It always sounds so simple, but the reality is way more complicated! Wait until that little one of yours is more content on her own -- you don't need any more stress at this time!