Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Wall 3

Thank you for your painting advice, Friends! The dining room is actually a sunroom, with little actual wall space. It was the previous owner's large rectangular porch, before he added onto the house. On one shorter end is the laundry room, enclosed with bifolds, and on the other shorter end is the back door and my large hutch. On one large side is a huge window taking up all the wall space, and opposite that are bifolds opening into the living room, and another opening going into the kitchen. So, it wouldn't take much paint at all. I AM going to go for it! I appreciate the encouragement!

But Liz is absolutely right. Anna Grace is too high maintenance right now (that's a blessing really, since she's my last baby). The time isn't right. And when it is, I will have my uncle on my dad's side paint for me, while I watch and learn. He is retired and paints for a living now - only charging relatives $10/hr.

Off to jump into a busy day! Blessings to you!

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Evenspor said...

Sounds like a great plan. Like everyone else, I love the idea of red in the kitchen/dining area. I have seen some great red kitchens. I even saw an orange kitchen once that was amazingly fabulous.

This house is the first place I've lived where we were able to have color on the walls, and I have loved everything we've done so far. I hope your dining room turns out well for you.