Monday, May 11, 2009


Despite there being many blogs listed on my own blog, I have to confess to not reading many of them very often. There just isn't time. I mainly keep up with my cyber-friends' blogs, and take in the others as I can. Today I've come to the conclusion that having too few blog-reading minutes is a blessing.

Here's why. I quickly went over to Jess's "all about family" blog, which I read regularly, and on hers was a link to the mycharmingkids blog, which I don't usually have time to read - now that her son is out of the hospital. Well, on that blog was a photo of the blog author's dining room, which is painted bright red (brave woman). I actually LOVED it. And then what happened is this. Envy.

I hate envy. It's a particularly ugly thing. I don't usually feel it. See, I'm a very content person. I doubt if that really shows through though, since I write way too many "mother madness" posts.

Anyhow, the cleanliness and orderliness of that dining room really got to me. It looks nothing like mine! Mine is a complete disaster. And, I have no time to decorate! I would LOVE a red dining room!

So, I'm going to go confess my sin of envy.... and then...well, I'll probably have my time taken up with laundry, instead of decluttering the dining room. But God...I just want to say....I know you give me everything I need. Thank you. Seriously, THANK YOU! My cup runneth over, red dining room or not.

So sorry for my annoying habit of mentioning blogs and then not providing links. I've usually got someone calling me, and many of my blog-writing minutes are spent shouting, "I'm coming!!!!" lol

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Jess said...

sorry for the envy bug, miss pam. but i will say in your defense that she has her mother-in-law living downstairs. and like daniel saw when your mom came a little bit of help goes a long way.

so don't beat yourself up and just know someday...when they are grown and you have true free time you can paint you dining room a stunning red. (and if we live closer to one another by that time i will come help as i love to paint!) :) have a blessed night, sweet lady.