Thursday, February 19, 2009


The other day I was counting our health blessings; despite it being cold and flu season, we haven't battled any viruses since New Years. Wouldn't you know, the day following this realization, Timothy woke up chipper and happy, only to complain of a sore throat an hour later. Shortly after that he developed a 102.5 fever, then very wisely stumbled back to bed for a long, self-imposed nap. Resting for two full days, he was an easy-going, independent patient, who seems quite well today.

Since Timothy nursed for 2.5 years, he suffers only mild illnesses, from which he recovers quickly. Daniel nursed for 13.5 months and always gets sicker, or so it seems :). Emily nursed for 17 months and seems to have an immune system that falls somewhere in between the two boys.

Daniel fell sick late last night, and since Anna is currently nursing, she only has mild sniffles. As I write, Emily Rose is still well; hopefully that will still be the case when she wakes from her nap.

I am amazed at the individuality in my kids - even in the way their bodies react to the same virus. Timothy had no coughing or nasal stuffiness and didn't complain about his symptoms. Daniel talks of his "misery" frequently, even occasionally asking me if he will die. LOL Anna Grace is content enough with her sniffles, as long as she can still nurse comfortably.

The boys painted with sponges, then brushes today, and as I admired their work, I was again struck by the individuality in their approaches. Not surprisingly, the more kids I have, the more I am struck and delighted by their respective gifts and the unique blessings they bring to our family.

For a long time - since becoming a teacher - I've had the desire to write a children's book, although since then, an inspired, worthwhile idea has never come to me. That is, until now. I think I may have stumbled upon one, through my contemplation of the unique gifts and personality bents found in my children. While not unique, the idea is intriguing, nonetheless. Gives me some fat to chew on, while I plow through these diaper-changing, nose-suctioning, laundry-infused, crazy-busy days.

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Jess said...

i hope everyone is getting better. i laughed about daniel's 'dramatic' side, as i call it. so funny how different each child is and how they react to things. i'll be praying the cold misses you. have a wonderful weekend!