Friday, February 20, 2009

Momma Jeans

Jeans. I love them. Not only facilitating mixing and matching, they can be dressed up or down, thereby stretching one's wardrobe considerably. Most of my readers are thirty-something, or so it seems. Maybe you don't remember jeans that went up to a woman's waist, or to the belly button? I do remember, and now they are my preferred style of jean. And guess what???? I FINALLY found a pair (never worn, and at a thrift store) that is wide enough at the leg for shoe boots or clogs, which are my favorite height-giving accessories for a 5'3" frame.

After each birth I get back to 110 pounds around the third or fourth month, mostly due to excessive busyness accompanied by exclusive nursing. Extended middle-of-the-night nursing seems to provide additional help in burning calories and banishing cellulite. But still lingering each time is loose skin around the middle. While muscle underneath can be strengthened, nothing can be done about the loose skin, as far as I know.

Which is how jeans fit into this post. With low-waist jeans, I now always have unattractive loose skin spilling over the band. Can I hear a YUCK? It drives. me. insane. As well, I have very few shirts or sweaters that are LONG enough to adequately cover me while wearing lower-waist jeans. Again, it drives. me. insane. And did I mention I'm only 5'3" tall? Low-waisted jeans seem hell bent on being just long enough to trip me, or at the very least, to soil my bottom edges. Hate that. Who wants to take a spill with baby in tow, or run around in dirty-looking jeans? It's not like I'm some free-wheeling teenager, with not a care in the world, save for my next algebra test.

Today, I am wearing my new, forgiving-waist jeans, and although they are a four and still too tight, I am loving them. In another month, they just might be the perfect fit. If you know of a store that sells high-waist jeans that AREN'T also straight-legged, I would sure appreciate a heads up. One pair is not enough, for laundry purposes.

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Margie said...

Oh Pam, you are so cute! Your post just made me laugh. On a serious note, jeans. I struggle with length because I am only 5'1", but have found jeans that work at New York and Company in petite length. Regularly they are around $20, but if you sign up for their store coupon I been able to get them for $12. You have to try the different styles to see which would suit you as far as the waist because I do get some that are just below the normal waist but not the super low rise that you find at some shops. I get the flared variety as well so that they fit over the snow boots that I wear for about 3 months of they year but also look cute with clogs, and sandals. Hope that helps.