Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Finds, Tinker Toy Science

Anna Grace was giving me lots of flirty smiles. I couldn't seem to capture any on camera. I had to settle for this pleasant expression.

Daniel made a butter churn with the Tinker Toys. It goes up and down just right.

I'm in love with painted wooden pieces - especially houses and churches. Earlier this week I was mourning just a little about never having extra money to decorate the house. I do enjoy decorating. Well, the Lord heard. I stopped in a thrift store on my way to the library, and found these painted houses for 87 cents each.

I also found this, to house my husband's TV and DVD remotes.

I found these clothing items for Emily Rose.

Here's Daniel, showing off the lever he and Daddy made for science. He also made a pulley and started using it for a circus. He had fun swinging his stuffed animals and pretending to put on a circus show. It's nice to be able to attend "school" in holey jeans. Daniel puts holes in all his jeans within five weeks, due to lots of train track and other type of building, which apparently requires a lot of crawling around.

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Margie said...

Loving all your thrift store finds! Very cute, especially the denim for Emily Rose. You have to love little girls in denim.