Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That's Quite a Boo Boo

I took the boys to AWANA tonight and decided to stay in the nursery with Emily Rose and Anna Grace. I don't volunteer anymore since Anna is still so young and nurses so frequently. Given that it was only 9 degrees outside, it just seemed simpler to stay at the church and wait for the programs to end. The two nursery workers are very dear people and I enjoyed their fellowship very much.

Unfortunately, Emily Rose took a tumble and hit her forehead on the bottom of a glider rocker, causing a gash that appeared to require stitches. She is at the ER with Daddy as I write. I am beside myself with grief over my baby girl being there without me, and possibly having to endure more pain. However, it didn't make sense to expose Anna Grace to the possible viruses lurking in the ER. As her only food source, I can't be away from her very long.

The sweet, elderly lady from the nursery saw right away that I was panicking over the sight of the gash. She steadied me and reminded me not to panic for Emily's sake. Blood and gashes are tough for me to handle, I have to admit; I'm thankful for her wisdom and assistance. Even with two boys, we've never had to deal with any stitches before; I don't know what to expect in terms of pain and discomfort. I've never had them myself outside of surgery. Do they even bother with a local anesthesia?

I can't imagine the parental angst involved in having young children suffer from cancer or other diseases or disorders that require frequent surgeries or procedures. My heart goes out to these families! We mothers love our children more than life itself; it's torturous to see them in pain. In fact, I'm sitting here feeling jittery and nauseous over this relatively minor incident. And to think that I wanted to be a doctor at one time! lol After taking a physics class in college, I knew I would never make it to med school. Let's just say it was a miracle that I received a C grade rather than an F.

Thank you, Lord, for the incredible blessing of having four disease-free children. Allow me to be a blessing to a mom or family who is struggling in this area.


Margie said...

Oh I hear you. Aidan had his first Sports related injury in Kindergarten. He and another boy just ran into each other playing flag football, the injury could have happened anywhere really. Aidan took the force of the blow to his mouth. I had on first peek thought it was just a bloody lip, but on the way home he told me that his tooth was loose. I look more closely and his gums were black and the tooth was out of place. After a frantic call to the dentist they assured me to wait over the weekend and that these types of tooth injuries firm up in a few days. Thankfully it did and he still has the tooth a year and a half later. I can't even tell you how much anxiety I felt! Emily Rose will heal up beautifully. That is another amazing thing about children is their capacity for healing.

Jess said...

hoping it looked much worse than it ended up being! glad you were where someone could support you and possibly hold anna grace while you gave emily some lovin'.