Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Purple Guy

It used to be that Emily Rose would not watch TV. It was a good thing. A great thing. Enter screaming baby. Enter stressed out Mommy. Enter Barney. Yes, Folks, last week I put on our Barney on the Farm DVD, hoping to keep her occupied in the playroom, safely, while I attempted to calm Anna Grace in the living-room rocking chair. Truthfully, I didn't expect Emily to watch it. But....guess what! She rather liked the purple dinosaur's great farm music, the sweet kids, and the beautiful farm scenery. There's a wonderful square-dance scene at the end of the DVD which greatly excites her, leading me to believe the two of us will take a country dancing class together someday. Cool.

I abhor the TV, for so many reasons. It is too convenient when Mom is in a messy, and in this case, loud, pinch. Preschooler TV viewing always starts out innocently enough, but when a kid gets hooked, it's not pretty to suddenly cut them off when Mom is back in form. I've had to do it before, when right after Emily's birth I was swamped and the boys began to watch too much. Timothy in particular was a hard sell. We unplugged it finally and he. was. so. mad.

But seeing my sweet daughter fall in love with Barney, and then get all excited when she discovered that in our gargantuan mountain of stuffed toys, we actually had THE purple dinosaur....well, that really made me smile.

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Jess said...

yeah, i struggle with the t.v. watching thing. it is a battle for me and too easy a quick fix. oh, how i understand this one! definitely an area i am working on. glad it helped this afternoon, though :)