Monday, January 19, 2009

More on the Decision

Liz, thank you so much for the information you gave about ADHD medications. We arrived at the decision to medicate for basically the same reasons you listed. I saw the pediatrician today, when I took Daniel in to have his skin infection checked again. He gave me some drug pamphlets to read, instructing me to talk about it with my husband, before arriving at a final decision about whether to try a stimulant drug or the Srattera (non-stimulant). The doctor and I have had several conversations about ADHD in the past. It appears that the Srattera is the best choice for Daniel, since it's the least likely to aggravate his tendency toward anxiety. Anxiety disorders run in my family, but it's too soon to tell for certain if Daniel is affected.

The doctor warned me that as I read through the pamphlets, I would be alarmed at the possible side effects and dangers listed for each drug. Wow! He was absolutely correct. We're both sick about having to do this, but more certain than ever that we must try to improve the outcomes for Daniel, and indirectly, for our other children. The doctor said it's very common for these kids to start out with great potential (high natural intelligence), only to end up with poor grades and social skills, as a result of the irregularities in the brain.

Emily Rose is very, very active. Not in the sense that she runs around constantly, but more that she doesn't attend to anything more than a couple minutes, whether it is a short crayon-scribbling segment, puzzle segment, etc. I still have to read to her while she's in her crib; she won't sit still on my lap to complete a whole book. It's hard sometimes not to conclude that she shares this diagnosis with Daniel. It's such a frightening thought; we can't even discuss it at this point. The only thing that makes me feel optimistic is that the year from 2 to 3 years old is supposed to be the most active of a person's life. Let's hope she settles down after three. While all two year olds get into things, that girl takes it to a higher level. She can't be left alone for a minute. Just very curious, perhaps? Let's hope so. Her mood these days is generally happy and cooperative, save for the foraging tendency. There have been no more angry outbursts or throwing incidents. She doesn't seem to have an intense personality, although Daniel didn't either at two years old.


Evenspor said...

Good luck. :)

Liz said...

It was only through much prayer that we decided to try the meds with Grace. Anxiety was a real side effect of the first two meds we tried, but it was hard to really see that at first, because the positive changes were so incredible! Now, with the anxiety mostly on the back burner, I see my little girl really coming out of her shell and doing things that seemed impossible a few months ago. The Strattera has truly been life-changing for Grace and for our family. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but when it does work it's amazing. I hope your experience with Daniel is every bit as great.