Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Decision

We've been more than overwhelmed lately by Daniel's various ADHD symptoms. I'm sure you've noticed the intensity in some of my posts. The situation worsened in November and there's no sign of improvement on the horizon. It's affecting his reading progress and his self-esteem. He compares the level of conflict we experience with him to that of his siblings and concludes we don't love him as much. That breaks our hearts; we know that many of the annoying things he does are beyond his control. We've decided that instead of allowing the condition to control our family and our son and drain us significantly, we will ask his doctor to put him on the safest, lowest dose ADHD medication possible (no Ritalin), during the winter months only, school days specifically. We feel we can control the symptoms better during the spring, summer and fall months, when he can get adequate exercise and spend time out in nature. If there is any detrimental side effect, we will stop the medication.

If any out there have experience with ADHD medications and can give us an idea of what to expect, I'd appreciate it.

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Liz said...

Hi Pam, we've tried three different ADHD meds with Grace. First Adderall XR, the next was Vyvanse and now she's on Strattera. They have all had positive affects on her, but the stimulant meds had side effects that we began to see more clearly over time. Now, on the Strattera for two months, I feel as though we're finally seeing our daughter become the best she can be. Grace is doing wonderfully at school, great with her reading, and seems more "normal" than ever. She still struggles a bit with impulse control, but it's a bigger problem at home and I think we give her too much of a reaction, so we're working on this. Making the decision to use meds was huge for us, but I honestly believe that it's allowed Grace to be successful and for us all to create more positive patterns and experiences as a foundation for future behavior. I wish you well in making the right decisions for Daniel.