Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Little of This and That

That is great news, Liz, about the headaches. What a victory! I hadn't thought about chiropractic help, but did read last year that some migraine sufferers grind their teeth at night, which in theory could lead to the problem. My new dentist suggested I might be a grinder; he's going to make me a mouth piece to wear at night.

I hope you are recovering well from the surgery, and that it wasn't regarding anything serious. I have prayed for you.

We have 80/20 PPO insurance. If the mouth piece doesn't work, I'll look into our out-of-pocket costs for a chiropractor.

Well, the decision has been made about our family planning. Since it is a family spiritual decision, it was Don's to finalize, and mine to just provide input and prayer regarding. We will not be having more children. He's decided to get the vasectomy. When he can do so, though, would depend on whether it is covered by insurance. If God wants us to have more, my guess is that he will squeeze another pregnancy in before Don gets the surgery. He can be sneaky that way. We know a couple who had another child, unexpectedly, after the husband had the surgery. The doctor apparently made a mistake.

I am relieved to have the decision made, but also feeling sad about it. Don's feeling is that God would have provided more income by now, as well as lower blood pressure numbers, if we were supposed to expand another time. I see that, clearly, but I also know of so many situations in which God has provided little miracles at the last minute. I see also, though, that God puts a man and a woman together to balance each other's God-given traits. Men generally are more analytical and make decisions from the head, less than from the heart. And perhaps God wanted the analytical to prevail here. I have never felt that there was really any right or wrong decision in regard to this issue, as long as the decision was prayer-filled. I know Don has prayed about this.

What also has occurred to me is that if our wealth increases in the next few years, maybe God would provide a child adoption opportunity. One never knows what he has planned.

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Liz said...

Oh Pam... I'm so touched by your attention to detail in this huge decision. You are right to defer to your husband as the ultimate decision maker. God will honor that and give you His grace and peace. Plus, I don't think you'll have any time to mourn the possiblity of future children -- you are going to be busy!!!