Saturday, November 22, 2008

Apostle Paul and Emily Rose

At first the kids were thrilled by our new camera. They were always ready to strike a pose. Now, not so much. They're definitely getting a little bored with it. Can you imagine being a child photographer? You couldn't pay me enough! Sheesh!

I thankfully have found a lot of warm sweaters and good layering pieces during my Goodwill clothing expeditions. That's a good thing, because Daddy likes to keep the house at 66 degrees during the day, and 65 at night. The kids never complain, but once I've had this baby, I'll probably start to feel the cold. Our noses are certainly less stuffy when the heat isn't drying them out mercilessly. That's the upside. Dry nostrils, I've read, fall prey to cold viruses more readily.

I read several chapters in Acts tonight. Aren't you just blown away sometimes when reading about Paul the Apostle? What struck me tonight is that he was probably quite the handful growing up. I tried to imagine what it must have been like to be his mother. Emily Rose was all sugar and spice yesterday, but today I had to hold her down for time-out twice, regarding throwing things. She is used to seeing her brothers receive discipline direction, but it's still relatively new to her. Did she perhaps think it was just for the boys? My glass-half-full self wants to believe the worst of her rebellion will be short-lived. But if not, I will keep in mind that her strong-willed personality might prove to be valuable to God. He will channel it for good, as he did with Paul.

It helps me to remember that personality traits are really from God, and that each person is "fearfully and wonderfully made". God will give us the strength to insist on obedience, even when we feel weak and exhausted emotionally. And he will somehow rejuvenate us. I remember feeling a few times, when Daniel was in the thunderous threes, that I just couldn't go on with that level of stress. But now, he's past the worst, and most of it seems like a blur. That's the grace of God, which will be poured out for us as Emily goes through this rite of passage as well.

She folds her hands ever so sweetly for prayer, wanting desperately to participate. I'm sure it drives her insane that she can't talk yet. I am praying that this early "spiritual" eagerness will translate into real spiritual understanding soon. If she is truly strong-willed, she needs the Lord in her life very early.

I called the County's early intervention services yesterday, to obtain speech help for her. They couldn't visit and evaluate her until the second week of December, due to high call volume. I told them that was close to the birth of our new baby, so they suggested I call back in January. Probably a wise thing, just in case Anna Grace has any nursing problems that have me in turmoil and tears in December. God forbid.

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Andrew & Terri said...

Do you think the lap timeouts get through to her? I've been thinking about your family a lot and wondering how you're doing. Thanks for the update! I did have to laugh when you said you had to give her a time out twice in one day. Early in disciplining Gabe, I remember days with probably 10 or more timeouts. :-P He's getting molars right now and is just getting over being sick, so things have been interesting around here. Hope you are well!

I was interested to hear you mention that E.R. doesn't talk much. Gabe does communicate very well, and I think that solves some problems and causes others! ;)