Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Emily and Daniel are sick with a summer cold, a virus which Timothy, having gotten sick first, must have brought home. It is hitting Emily harder than the boys. Her nose is miserably runny, and since she has recently weaned, I can't comfort her as easily. She woke up four times last night, and didn't fall asleep at all for her nap yesterday. Since her nap is a three-hour toddler-chasing break for me, its absence yesterday was partially to blame for my sour mood.

We've all been well since April. I guess this serves as a reminder of past and future winter-virus woes. Lovely memories those were, don't you agree? I had been doing all the shopping without the kids, but early last week I took them all with me for a Walmart grocery run. Though they usually behave fine most places we go, doing it solo serves as a nice break for me. I'm almost certain the virus was picked up from the grocery cart. Timmy rode in the back, while Emily rode up front with a covering protecting her from the grime. Timmy apparently picked up the virus, which means no part of a shopping cart is without germs. I've learned my lesson! Grocery trips can ALWAYS wait until Daddy is available to take the child-care reigns. Of course, there are always the church nursery germs to infect us, but I'll do my best to keep it confined to that, and even volunteer to sterilize the toys, if necessary.

Daniel didn't get sick until he was seven months old, but Timothy came down with RSV at four months old. Emily came down with the dreaded RSV at two months old, but like Timothy, she fared well from being breastfed. She stayed out of the hospital and off any medicine. I've got to really do my best for this baby, due in December. RSV at less than two months old wouldn't be a good thing. My babies are all small and usually born two to three weeks early.

I've been floating in and out of prayer for the second day. Yesterday's mommy misery was surely partly an attack from the enemy. He doesn't like to see people busy in prayer; it takes power away from him.

Please continue to be in prayer for the Kosovo missionary, Melissa. I received my first prayer e-mail from Kosovo yesterday. She is hurting quite a bit right now; recall that she has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also, eleven Kosovian people were baptized last weekend, up from two and three the years before. Pray that their relationships with God continue to grow, and that they can be used in ministry to touch other locals.

$1200 a month is needed to help run a central ministry center, begun by the Kosovo team. Please pray that either twelve churches will step forward to pledge $100/month, or that fewer sources will give more.

My freelance writer friend Jennifer, whose husband lost his job, is trying to make $1000 last a miraculously long time. Please pray that God multiplies it and feeds them well, and that somehow the house and car payments can be made on time. Nothing is too big for God.

Lastly, I am reminded that three years as a stay-at-home mom is really not that long. I am still on the early learning curve. God will give me wisdom and skill I didn't previously have, and the kids might just remember their early years as happy ones. I believe it will happen, as long as I remember the floating prayer.

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!

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Ashley said...

Hey Pam! I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner, and thanks so much for thinking of me. We took our family summer-screen break, which meant no T.V., no Xbox, and extremely limited internet (just important prayer, work, and family e-mails were read and answered.) I realize I should have mentioned this on my blog, because I certainly didn't want anyone to worry.

I feel wonderful having had a nice long break from all media entering into my home, and I've seen God work in all our lives during these past weeks without so much loud distraction. I'll try to write about it soon, but I have to confess - it's difficult to get back on the computer after such a luxurious break from it. It's really nice to read your blog again, though, and I hope you're kids are feeling better.