Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Broken Dryer & The Things Kids Say

Our dryer broke last night - a fact which has me more than a little annoyed because we've only had it about two years. It's a Kenmore, so I called Sears to get a ballpark figure on what a heating- element repair might cost. Yikes! $182 plus a $65 dollar trouble-shooting charge. The dryer was only $450 for heaven's sake!

So I called my Dad. Nothing puts me into a frenzy like the thought of dirty laundry piling up. He's a multi-talented man, my Dad. That's a great thing for us, since we're seriously lacking in talent. We can teach. We can change diapers. We can climb mountains. We understand good nutrition and the principles of good fitness. Don knows tons about birds and insects, and can answer virtually any question about the Bible. But that's about it, folks. I'm serious.

Although very talented, my Dad's on his fifth wife, so obviously his emotional intelligence is close to zero. But that's for another post - one that as I said before, will probably never get written. The Bible says to honor your father and mother. I do my best. Did I mention the current wife is in her twenties, and he's 70? He used the computer to find his last two wives from the Philippians. Brilliant, yes?

Miraculously, before he met this last one, he begin going to a Bible-teaching church in Las Vegas (that place has a LOT of churches - lol). His heart was touched and he was baptized, but it all withered away when he began this last online romance. We're still praying, needless to say.

Thank the Lord, my Dad has fixed heating elements before; he's on his way later today to diagnose the problem so I can order the correct part. I'll still have a few days without a dryer, so I dragged the kids to Walmart again - this time no shopping cart was used - to buy clothesline and clothes pins. And do you know what Daniel said when I told him about our errand?

Daniel: "A clothesline! Those are for poor people!"

Where he got that bit of misguided information, I'll never know. It was worth a good laugh though. Technically speaking, we are poor, but I left that part out of my response. lol

I told him that many people use clotheslines because it saves valuable energy. Obviously, we'll have to get deeper into conservation concepts this year. Don has seasonal allergies, so we'll definitely go back to using a dryer soon though, despite the merits of clotheslines.


Fern said...

Thank goodness for handy dads! Jason's dad has helped us with many a dryer problem. I hope yours is all set in no time!

Evenspor said...

You are the recipient of the "You make me smile" award:

Steph said...

Clotheslines are marvellous things! I only wish I could use mine more this summer - darned everyday rain!