Wednesday, November 4, 2009

some weeks beg for chocolate

Top Ten Reasons To Go Out for Chocolate:

1.  The kids wake up sick.....again.

2.  Baby spills cereal and mashed banana on the dining room floor, and for the next 48 hours it doesn't get cleaned up--but not for lack of trying.

3.  You haven't finished a meal in three days, and you're trying to gain weight.

4.  Your two-year-old daughter is afraid of monsters, and after a month of crying (daughter and Momma), you move her in with her two brothers.  Just when things start to calm down in there, Daylight Savings Time arrives.

5.  The thrift store is your only entertainment.  The economy is in recession.....a long one. The Edison bill got paid just two days before the shut-off deadline.  If only you hadn't purchased those three-dollar pants at the thrift store.  But when there's a budget shortfall of several hundred, what's the use?

6.  Your baby, cranky because of a runny nose, demands to be swayed and paced for the duration of her naps.  When you try to recline on the bed......finally.....she wakes up and starts crying.....again.

7.  Your children, knowing there is Trick R Treat candy on top of the fridge, ask you for a piece, for the fourth time in a day.  You throw the bag in front of them (not your finest parenting moment) and say, "Go ahead and rot your teeth!"

8.  The sun refuses to come out and the color is gone from the trees.

9.  School is out of the question, considering baby's fussiness.  The best you can do is call it "Game Day" and get out a stack of educational games/puzzles.  Later, you ask them to write about their favorite game.  When they object, you say, "Then write about your favorite candy."  They smile, and ask for another piece, so they can "copy down the correct spelling".  You grant this request, with nary a complaint.

10.  Over the last 48 hours, you've washed the same load of clothes twice, and fluffed another load 3 times, all because baby wouldn't stay asleep for more than fifteen minutes without Momma's soothing arms (teething and a cold).

But, yes, these are the best years of your life.  Hands down.  No sarcasm there.

Just don't run out of chocolate.