Monday, October 12, 2009

Oatmeal = comfort

By late afternoon yesterday, it seemed we were over the tummy ailment.  I decided it was time to bake some cookies.  My children, already pretty lean, were now looking way too skinny.  Besides, Momma was stressed out and looking for some comfort food.  Oatmeal cookies = comfort.

Please forgive any mess you see in the background.  My excuse?  I was busy loving on the kiddos.

They were too sick for school most of these days (or so they said), but they managed to do the reading and fraction work involved in a batch of cookies.

Emily Rose helps with the measuring, and with ensuring that a royal mess is made--everywhere.  She tastes the flour, the sugar, the butter, the salt, and then later, the cookie dough.  While she's tasting, she's dancing around as happy as a lark, spreading the ingredients along with her.

She is such a sunny little girl.  I kept telling her how sorry I was that she was sick, especially when I would see her in obvious discomfort.  She would respond, with her hoarse, sore throat,  "I'm not sick, Mommy.  I'm happy!"  Somehow, the word sick seemed to convey unhappiness to her, as well as discomfort--no doubt due to her brothers' severely decreased activity these last several days.  She wants nothing to do with the unhappiness part.

Don, Anna and I have a cold.  So I guess we did catch three viruses.  Daniel hasn't gotten the mouth sores yet, so he might escape the Hand, Foot and Mouth thing.

I'll always remember the fall I took my children to the doctor for a flu shot--only to leave his office with three viruses.  LOL