Saturday, October 3, 2009

high fives for momma

I exercised discipline this morning.  I know.  Shocking.

You see, the house is disheveled.  Don has been gone a lot and the multitude of nurse-maid, kid-style interruptions have prevented me from plowing forward on any domestic task.  At night, I've been reading AD/HD books, rather than doing chores.  Not wise, as it turns out.

I started the morning school-day routine, but the familiar I'm-drowning-in-clutter-and-crumbs stress began to overwhelm me.  Last year, when it happened, Don would pack up everyone but the baby and take them to the park for two hours, allowing me to at least sweep, mop, declutter the kitchen counter, and shuffle laundry, uninterrupted--except for mixing in some baby hugs and nursery rhymes.

But homeschooling requires discipline.  One can't make a habit of throwing lessons out the window when domestics get behind.  Consistency is the key to learning.  Plowing forward steadily is a must.

So I took deep breaths, and told myself I had to wait until tomorrow to catch up.  (We do Saturday school.)  Putting my ever-moving motor into park was excruciating, given the environment.  But I did it.

High fives for Momma.