Friday, September 11, 2009

scavenger hunts

Sometimes kids need to be bored so that imaginations come alive. With the TV as an option, they too easily skip the search for an activity and just turn on the tube.  But if we limit the viewing to one or two valuable shows or videos--that supplement their curriculum--they will still have a lot of hours to fill. Imaginations then have to be engaged.

I don't mean to preach.  It's mostly to myself if I am preaching.  Often if I'm behind on chores, I fail to keep a close eye on their viewing minutes. Daniel and Emily Rose are auditory learners who tend to self-regulate their viewing.  Timothy, however, is a strong visual learner who needs daily monitoring of TV/computer time.  If we don't train him to self-regulate now, he'll suffer later when he has to manage his own time.

Bringing up what the Bible says about laziness seems to penetrate their hearts more than anything else.  In fact, I need to post relevant Scriptures in the playroom.

Sometimes they need a little help inventing a pastime.  Scavenger hunts or homemade Playdoh are great jump starters.  I started a scavenger hunt this morning involving simple tally marks.  Since then the boys have done five more of their own, that they've given to each other.  Scavenger hunts are neat because all the senses are utilized, increasing a child's appreciation of what God has provided for our entertainment.

Some ideas we've used:

-3 dandelions gone to seed
-2 yellow dandelions
-2 flying vultures
-3 worms
-1 caterpillar
-1 squirrel
-3 pieces of bark
-4 twigs
-1 soft nature find
-1 rough nature find
-1 heavy nature find
-1 wet nature find
- four bird feeders
- 2 chirping birds
- 2 flying sparrows
-1 crunchy leaf
-1 fall-colored leaf
-4 ants
-1 daddy long leg
-1 bird nest
-2 spiders