Friday, September 11, 2009

looking up

Mommy and Daddy were lost in very earthly, worried thoughts this morning. God used our children to snap us out of it.

Emily picked up a small, old Bible off the end table.  She held it up and asked, "Old?"  "Yes", I replied, thinking that Daddy must have told her which Bibles she could handle.

Emily opened it up, turned to a random page, and pointed at some words, saying, "God loves me."

Daddy talked about going out for a prayer walk.  Then he looked at the clock and realized that he'd probably better get his shower.  He needed to leave for school at 12 noon today.  Talking to himself, he said, "I don't know what I should do.  I guess prayer is more important."

Daniel, hearing this, and wanting to go with Daddy on the prayer walk, said, "Yes, there's nothing more important than prayer.  Not in the whole world.  Ever."

So there you have it.  A good kick in the pants via our 2 and 7 year-olds.  God loves us.  And there's nothing more important than prayer.  Any questions?

No, Lord.  I think that just about covers it.  Thank you.

The day is looking up.


Margie said...

Very well said! Something I need to remember on the insanely busy days.

Sandi said...

Leave it to the little ones to set us straight!