Thursday, September 24, 2009

humbled by the error of my ways

Overheard in my dining room this morning:

Timothy (coming in from outdoor play, and looking carefully around the dining room):  "Who's coming over?"

Momma:  "No one.  Why?"

Timothy (taking off his shoes):  "Then why is the house so clean?"

I am humbled by this, knowing that for four years, my house has been disheveled--except when guests were expected.  Now that my new sleep schedule has commenced, I am able to keep up nicely.  I'm ashamed to admit that in the past I used my children as an excuse.  Yes, they keep me busy, but I still could have been a decent homemaker, loving them abundantly and consistently all the while.

I'm sorry Lord.  From now on, my best only.

Other tidbit:  My Anna Grace (9 months) is walking everywhere!  Camera seems broken.  Hoping new batteries will do the trick, but I doubt it.  The batteries are fairly new.