Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harvest Photos

Here is my sweet Emily Rose, in her "buteful" dress--found at a thrift store.
Timothy is giving sister a congratulatory hug.  She gave up her binky the day before this was taken.

We tried to capture the children's excitement about their successful gardening venture!  This year, the Lord must have spoken to the bees about doing their part.  LOL  We had a better yield.  I love that gardening--something really so simple--can put such delight into their little souls.  It was a holiday-like feel, as we gathered the harvest together and took these photos.  


As I look at these, I am filled to the brim with joy at having the privilege of parenting with my honey.  He's not always patient.  His face contorts in aggravation frequently, but his involvement is steadfast--his commitment unwavering.  He puts his time and energy into these precious children, like no man I've ever met.  Thank you, God, for all of them.  And thank you for the blessing of a yard.

May you abundantly bless, compensating richly, the children who must be raised with no yard to call their own.


AngelRhoden said...

Really enjoyed looking at your pics, especially your sweet little ones knowing how exciting it is for them to harvest vegies. Ours have found that to be very exciting too, but we missed out this year, many gardens in our area were washed out by rain.
Just up at an unusual hour with my own sick precious one and thought I'd visit some blogs, I always enjoy stopping by.

Carolyn said...

We have so many deer we have given up on gardening until Brian builds a fenced area for it. Enjoy your Veggies and fruit! What fun for the whole family.