Wednesday, September 2, 2009

best hike ever

Oh!  I'm giddy today.  We went on another awesome homeschooling playdate, this time to a beautiful park with a lake trail.  Three families hiked it together, and we all had such a wonderful time taking in the fellowship, and the delightful scenes of nature.   How pleasant.  How perfect.  Lord, you're awesome.

Daniel caught his first salamander.  His face all lit up, and his body doing a happy dance, he rushed over to me, exclaiming,"I caught a salamander!  I've been waiting my whole life!  Jesus blessed me so much!  It's my luckiest day ever!  I can't believe it!"

The salamander was the subject of several afternoon Internet searches.  We now know to feed it cut up, live worms.  Oh, gee.  How lovely.

That yucky part aside, let me just say that I've never loved my Daniel more than I did at that moment. That boy loves life.  His passion is contagious.  Yes, his ADHD makes him hard to handle, but it also makes him rich.  To possess a burning passion, to go after something with such unmatched determination....that is precious.  He is a mere seven years old, and he already knows what he is about.  His purpose is set--the study and enjoyment of nature.  In a few weeks, fall leaves will stir up this same passion, on this same lake trail. I know my Daniel.  We will check out leaf books from the library, peruse every park within an hour's drive, and my house will once again be taken over by fall leaves.  That's my boy!  Live, my Daniel.  Live.  And continue to thank God.  Continue to worship him, through his creations.

There's more on the playdate, but time is short tonight.

The weather, by the way?  Fully sunny, 74 degrees, no mosquitoes, no humidity, with a light, delightful breeze.  It was the best hike ever.


Jess said...

sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! :) so thankful you are connecting with some other moms and finding the fellowship that keeps us sane.

and congrats on the new family pet. :)

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a nice "Charlotte Mason-esque" outing. It's great Daniel gets so excited about learning.