Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yet another

You've probably been thinking lately that if this woman writes one more blog post about yeast, or about menstrual cycles and nursing, or about nipple blisters, than I will most decidedly QUIT reading. goes.

I had that rash nearly healed, I tell you. Miss Vinegar Butt was nearly ready to say goodbye to her vinegar rinses, when her beloved Daddy lost the tube of anti-fungal cream. We looked for two days. Nowhere. Instead of calling for another prescription, I thought since it was nearly healed we could get away with an over-the-counter anti-fungal. Well, no. It got worse. So on the third day I asked Don to run to the pediatrician's office and ask for another prescription. My fear was that since we had quit using the first cream before the rash was completely gone, the yeast would likely develop a resistance, making it prudent to use something different this time. Somehow that didn't get conveyed to the secretaries, who just brought out a prescription for the same stuff. $35 later, my fear seems to have been warranted. No response from the yeast colony to this cream.

I am continuing with it for a few more days, however, before embarrassing ourselves one more time and going back for more help. I've added apple-cider vinegar instead of white vinegar, and now also Oil of Oregano, which has been used forever for yeast. I also bought the super expensive Huggies Overnights in size four, which is a size too big. When I can, I am letting Anna fall asleep on my bed, and staying with her so I can keep her diaper open.

Anna is still teething, although the three-day fever is gone. There were no other symptoms so I assume it was the teething. These babies do go through so much their first year! Heavens!

Despite the jaw pain, she is still having fun during playtime, having added a new skill to her gym time--standing up without support. She squats down, then slowly rises up, while trying to keep her balance. It lasts for a few seconds only, but she really enjoys the challenge and practices a lot.

The family went to the much-anticipated playdate without me. I am heartbroken, but I have to focus on getting rid of this rash and helping Anna take reasonable naps during this bout of teething. Walking through the hot and sticky woods, and playing outside in this horrible humidity would have surely made the rash worse.

I do miss my other children! And they do feel neglected! May God's grace take over!

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