Monday, August 17, 2009


Peaches didn't do well in Ohio this year. However, in our county, they did better. We went to this nearby peach and apple farm, which features a yearly, gorgeous community garden. So much feast for the eye. Lots of insects to catch too. You can't tell here, but this garden is huge.

Enjoyed blueberry picking at this spot. July was unusually cool. August is sweltering.

A nice view at the peach and apple farm. They also grow some sweet corn, but not our favorite. Our favorite spot for sweet corn is four minutes from our home. Best corn you'll ever sink your teeth into! You always smile after biting--it's such a delight!

More of the community garden. And my insect-loving Daniel.

Daniel snapped this the other day. It features my dad's 27-year-old wife, a bit of my dad, and Timothy. Yeah, she's young. Yeah, he's 70. What's a daughter to do? I can only go with the flow.

I'm off to make some applesauce with the kiddos. Looks like my teething-torn baby has finally fallen asleep. Her first nap was only 20 minutes--hoping for a normal one this time.

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