Saturday, August 29, 2009

We made it!

Yeah, we made it to the fair! What a blast!

That money my mom sent? It ended up going to medical bills, so we were praying and thinking about how we would pay for our annual, non-negotiable fair visit--the one that the children talk about and look forward to ALL year. Short of robbing a bank, we were committed to going.

You'll never guess how it all went husband's aluminum cans! Yes, that nasty, ant-drawing habit of his, which has driven me nuts for ten years. He collects them on our family walks, at his workplace, and here at home when he indulges in Mt. Dew. When we lived in California, aluminum-can proceeds paid for his annual trips to see UCLA football games. Here in Ohio, very little money comes from a year of collecting. Nevertheless, he took them in this week, hoping to obtain enough money for entrance fees and a few fair rides, and the non-negotiable funnel cakes.

Incidentally, I don't understand why Northeastern Ohio doesn't put strawberries on their funnel cakes! Plain powered sugar doesn't provide the same mouth-watering, much-anticipated treat.....but oh well. Ohio does have abundant frogs and insects for my Daniel, so I'll forgive them for their funnel-cake ignorance.

Grandpa came with us and paid for the entrance fee ($8) before we could stop him. He then, not knowing anything about Don's aluminum-can money, bought the children two funnel cakes to share. Now my Dad--though very generous--has no money sense. Unchecked, he would spend his own grocery money on others' perceived needs. We managed to keep him in check after this and Don paid for the fair rides, and for some fried chicken. I would never in a million years make fried chicken at home--too unhealthy. Not that funnel cakes are healthy either, but this is the fair, for goodness sakes! Time to eat and be merry!

What was your favorite thing about the fair?

Daddy - FOOD! (We get the same answer for virtually every food-involved event! LOL)
Daniel - Farm animals
Emily Rose - Grandpa
Timothy - The rides!
Grandpa - Being generous (My answer for him)
Momma - Walking around while holding my sweet, sleeping Anna Grace.
Anna Grace - New things to see! (My answer for her)

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Holly said...

What a fun time!! Great pictures of your beautiful family. Holly