Friday, August 28, 2009

able to comfort

Would you rather be comfortable, or able to comfort? How, exactly, does one learn to comfort? Is it natural for some, and therefore, done at will? I honestly don't think so. I submit to you that you have to be uncomfortable, for a season, in order to comfort. So, knowing that, which would you choose--to be comfortable, or able to comfort?

My father called one day recently and asked how I was doing. "I'm blessed. Thank you for asking." He laughed and said, "Yeah. Blessed with problems!"

A few days ago there was nothing in the freezer to prepare for dinner. No money would come in for several days. So I took out my WIC coupons, which are from the Department of Agriculture. Designed for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers and for children under five-years-old, the program (not an entitlement) provides supplemental milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, and juice. My guess is that many a family use these coupons to obtain egg and cheese omelet fixings for a few dinners, while waiting for payday to arrive.

I'm grateful for the help. And I now know the shame of putting food coupons on the checkout stand while everyone stares--at me, at my clothes, purse, and shoes--wondering if I am truly poor. They are either disgusted, neutral, or compassionate.

I am uncomfortable, for a season. And now, I am equipped to comfort. I will forever be the compassionate one at the checkout stand, ready with a smile.

Yes, Dad. My problems are a blessing.


Traci~ Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday wife, mommy, and homemaker said...

What a blessing you are... and I love your perspective on comfort!

I'm so glad I stopped by!

I found you via Like a Warm Cup of Coffee.


AngelRhoden said...

Loved reading this. Hurt for you in the struggles, but I'm so thankful that He allows struggles to draw us closer to Him and show His faithfulness to bring us through the difficulties. His faithfulness astounds me. Praying for you tonight.

Liz said...

Such a great perspective Pam, thank you for sharing this!