Friday, August 7, 2009

Iron again

Hi Jess,

Thank you!

Anna's hemoglobin was 8.9. I am mixing vitamin C fortified apple juice with the cereal because without vitamin C the iron in the cereal doesn't absorb well. Between the cereal and the Poly vi Sol w/iron liquid vitamin (also with C), she is getting more than 100% of her daily value of iron.

She is an extremely active baby. There was never any sign of lethargy--just consistent high activity. And there was no notable fussiness after her colicky days ended at 4.75 months. Her fingers are in her mouth frequently, so she is working on teeth for sure, but that doesn't affect playtime. She isn't pale and her finger nails look great. I read all the symptoms and she's never shown any sign of them.

Since it takes a couple of months for the iron to store up again, I am going to ask for a skin prick at her nine-month check up (around Sept 8). He'll have to send me to the lab for it and they would use the right technique. If the number isn't higher, than I'll ask for the blood draw, which will tell other important things about her blood--such as what her stores are, rather than just the hemoglobin level. If the dietary iron doesn't have an effect, then there is something more serious going on (allergy,absorption problems, blood disease, etc.)

Thank you for asking your Dad and getting back to me! I really appreciate your friendship!

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Jess said...

hey pam...glad you talked to your doctor. i was just going to paste my dad's last note forgive the large comment space.

"A fingerstick isn't as accurate as a venipuncture but with small kids it's less traumatic than trying to find a vein. If they have to squeeze very hard it will make the result less reliable but there's no point in doing it if you're going to make excuses as to why it's not accurate. I'm not sure it would be any easier to find a vein in December and it's usually up to the person drawing the blood as to how best to get it. Maybe she could ask at what level would her doctor worry? There is a website called that has information about anemia in children. It recommends children have a hemoglobin check but it doesn't give any values. It does state to give iron enriched milk and other if a child is anemic. Apparently it is not that uncommon for children less than 2 to be anemic."

so that is all she wrote! :) keep me posted on how she is doing. (and i don't remember either of my other kids being checked for iron levels...not sure why they are checking now.) talk to you soon. blessings!!!!