Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Diapering!

The other day I gave unsolicited information about breastfed babies and stored/dietary iron issues. Another day, another issue. Just call me Momma Doc. Let's talk diaper rashes, shall we? When baby starts solids, that first stinky stool might irritate her adorable bottom. Apply Desitin as usual and wait for its widely-praised magic.

Only what if the magic doesn't happen this time--for the first time ever? And what if the rash looks different than usual--like in, bumps that are like lesions, instead of the usual red, irritated look? Call the doctor, you say?

I did that, two weeks ago. He said that yes, some diaper rashes can have bumps. Further, he suggested applying Crisco and corn starch, as well as letting baby go without a diaper--when it's convenient.

Yes, I agree. What useful advice. Who would have thunk it? Crisco, and letting baby poop and pee all over the carpet--so that she can ultimately put her hands in it and eat it. And of course spread it around everywhere. Brilliant advice! I should have gone to medical school! Surely I can come up with advice like that--if of course I tried really hard.

After getting off the phone with my beloved Doc (seriously, he IS nice), I told Don I had to make a Walmart run for a truckload of Desitin and larger, more absorbent diapers for Anna.

About $35 dollars and two weeks later, the rash is STILL there. Early on, I even tried an anti-yeast cream for a couple diaper changes. Didn't seem to change anything.

I admitted defeat today, after changing Anna about every 75 minutes (every five hours at night) for two weeks--including rinsing her in the sink instead of using wipes. This has been a stressful process, to say the least. There were times I felt if I had to change ONE more diaper, and fight with my baby to keep the truckload of Desitin off of her clothes, my clothes, and the surrounding area one more time, I was going to become seriously unglued--as in major primal-screaming, hissy-fit unglued. Oh. Yeah. I actually DID that once, didn't I?

The doctor said to bring her in if it didn't clear in four days. I was stubborn and busy and waited too long, obviously.

The bottom line (get it? bottom) is that she has a yeast infection. Her skin was irritated by the new type of stool, and then yeast invaded the irritated skin.

My rash advice:

- If the rash doesn't bother baby, it's probably yeast.

- If Desitin doesn't do its usual magic, it's probably yeast.

- Use only one type of diaper wipe--avoid changing brands, as that irritates skin.

- Don't admit to the doctor that you laughed behind his back and wrote a sarcastic blog post about his advice.

- Don't admit to the doctor that you just bought stock in the Desitin company.

- When told to bring in baby if the rash doesn't clear in four days, LISTEN--it's probably yeast, and you need a prescription!

Happy diapering!

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Jess said...

hey pam, still talking back and forth with my dad about the iron issue. he did say, "We have a normal range for hemoglobin for 3 mos to 2 years being 10.5-13.5 g/dL." and that he felt 8 was abnormally low and that that should be of concern to your doctor. he is still getting back to me with what factors (you mentioned squeezing too much and more plasma coming out as a result lowering the blood count) could lower those #'s on the testers part. i also asked him about the vein draw in infants...waiting to hear more.

as for symptoms, because i asked him wouldn't it be noticable if the child was really that anemic and he said that your body will compensate over time as the # gradually shifts.

now, i realize this doesn't help the worrier in you, but i felt i should pass it on. because it sounds like you should have anna grace retested, perhaps with different tech, to be sure the results were accurate. and if the results are indeed accurate your doctor should be concerned and giving some tangible ways to get that # higher.

my doctor mentioned some diet ways..but since anna grace has only just started on cereal (w/ iron) i am not sure they would be helpful. the only other thing i would suggest is using infant formual w/ iron to make the cereal. just to give that added touch on top of the vitamin. hope that somewhat helps. i'll write more as my dad lets me know more.
you can always email too

have a blessed day and i hope her sweet hinder has cleared up somewhat!