Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five a day

There she is, standing and clapping for herself! My goodness! This child looks just like me! That's my smile.

If you're wondering when a picture will be taken of my living room without laundry baskets in the background....well, don't hold your breath. At least I'm keeping up with the washing!

Super Walmart is carrying a new brand of frozen fruit. This is sooo delicious! Highly recommend it on a hot summer day. Just leave out at room temperature and keep checking it for the perfect eating temperature.

Make sure you're getting your five a day by preparing a quick, easy graph you can affix to the fridge, detailing daily produce consumption. Seeing what you're consuming everyday will help you make that extra effort to get enough servings. A graph for whole-grain foods is helpful too. Believe me, it REALLY helps to do this, even if for a month or so.

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Sandi said...

So cute!

Can't believe she is standing already. My little guy is just now starting to do his version of a crawl.