Friday, August 21, 2009

better day

Hey Jess, thanks for throwing your prayers my way. I actually had a much better day. Both of Anna's rashes (yeast and the viral/fever rash) are nearly gone. She nursed pretty well today, although she still won't take more than a few bites of solids. I fear we are going backwards with the iron levels. Clearly, I have to let go of that stressful issue. I've given it my all, and I'm ready to surrender it.

My floors are clean, and Anna took her naps without any help from me. Due to her nearly constant playtime practice sessions, Anna can stand up unsupported for five seconds now. We keep clapping and getting excited over this, so she began clapping her hands back at us, flashing us a million-dollar smile as a bonus.

Yes, I'm sad she doesn't want to stay a baby. She's racing her way out of babyhood, literally. But how can I be anything but happy for her? She works so hard! She's so focused and determined, without showing any sign of frustration. They're good qualities, which I'll praise and clap and jump up about, even as my heart aches for earlier times.

Daniel walked at 9.5 months, and it looks like Anna may match or beat him. I think that boy better start training. Lil Sis is going to give him a run for his money!

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