Friday, June 5, 2009


This morning presented the most challenge yet to my rejuvenated, joy-seeking heart.

A carpet steamer was rented to deal with our bedroom's vomit smell, which was acquired courtesy of Daniel's migraine, if you remember. We finished up the cleaning yesterday and returned the steamer. This morning, Emily Rose picked up the remote-control truck my mother bought for Daniel during her recent visit. The boys had taken it out on a wet, rainy day, and it somehow acquired watery mud, which leaked onto the freshly steam-cleaned playroom carpet as she picked it up.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem, as the carpet is very tightly woven and almost anything comes off of it with spot remover and some light blotting. However, the sprayer went out on the spot remover can, and I couldn't get the stain up, necessitating a trip to the store--delaying all the other things I need to do. This annoyance is occurring in the midst of my efforts to consolidate store trips so that they interfere less with our schooling and other routines.

My husband, a prolific milk drinker (I switched him from whole milk to skim when we got's that for submission? ha ha), is drinking even more milk than usual, presumably close to two gallons in 2.5 days, which is also messing up my plans to consolidate errands. Actually--joking aside--he does like that I look out for his health.

So my joy songs were less enthusiastic. But it still came to my mind--within about three minutes of the annoyances--that a joy song was called for. I'm getting there.

The key to daily joy in the midst of raising messy young'uns, is to NOT be especially attached to any of your "plans". Our motto almost has to be...WHATEVER!

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