Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey! Who gave you permission to grow up?

They're growing up. It's happening before my eyes. Bittersweet it is. Time slips by so fast and we have to force ourselves to slow down and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So precious children are.

Last week I was preparing to change Anna Grace's diaper and Rosey said, "No, I do it." She proceeded to wipe Anna and remove the old diaper. She let me put the new diaper under Anna, but then she wanted to fasten the tapes herself.

Another time she wanted to dress Anna. She gave it her best shot, but Anna was too wiggly so Rosey asked me for help.

All this was just so precious to watch. The boys have never wanted to help with the personal care of anyone. That was just never on their radar--although they've shown sweetness in other ways. But Rosey just jumped right in. I was nearly in tears watching her carry out a natural desire to nurture--to love.

Timothy has shown new maturity lately also. A couple of days ago he said he was going to get lunch ready. He then proceeded to get out cheese, bread, turkey, and mustard and take it all to the table. Then he got an apple, a grapefruit and an orange and set them on the table with a plate and a butter knife--presumably to cut the fruit. He got into the dishwasher for enough cups for everyone, and he set out napkins. Don and I watched in amazement really. Timothy was always happy to be completely served in the past--like a hotel guest, no less--ordering things not even on the menu. lol And then suddenly there is this burst of maturity. He was pretty hungry, perhaps? Mommy and Daddy were distracted by diapers and spills and didn't get to lunch in time for his tummy rumblings? I don't know--but he was certainly good-natured about it, and so proud of himself!

When I see things like this, there is always a mixture of pride and sadness. The pride is easy to understand--the sadness, not so much. Don is not domestically inclined and can't wait for the kids to grow up and be more independent. I, on the other hand, feel like the months and years are slipping away too fast.

Thank God we had a fourth baby! What a blessing!

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Liz said...

All the more reason to be coating it all in Joy! Our kids are always watching us, observing what we do, how we respond and learning even when we forget we are teaching!