Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Burden on My Heart

The Reverend Franklin Graham has gone into North Korea for humanitarian reasons more than once. He leads Samaritan's Purse, which does Operation Shoe Box (aka Christmas Boxes). Rev. Graham said the situation in North Korea has deteriorated since Obama took over the Presidency. He was not blaming the new President--only talking about the dangers of the rogue regime, and the desperate need for an envoy. Governor Richardson (New Mexico), who has experience with North Korea, was suggested by the Reverend as an envoy. In his opinion, the two journalists who were sentenced to 12 years hard labor are currently a distraction for us--although he feels sorry for the two women and asks that we pray for them. He thinks what we should be focusing on is getting Korea to back down from their nuclear program. In doing that, we can also work on getting the two women sent home. He asked for prayer for our President regarding these matters.

I also heard unbelievable things about how labor camps are run in North Korea. Prisoners are literally starving in these camps. Even children must perform hard labor, and some of the tasks assigned to prisoners are meaningless. When they want to kill someone, they do it through labor, rather than directly. Prisoners eat bugs, mice, rats, snakes...whatever they must eat in order to survive. Only a small portion of corn meal is given to them for food.

The last thing I want to do is sound preachy here, but I'm just so sickened that this rogue leader is allowed to treat his people this way. Sanctions imposed by the UN, as well as just awful economic conditions, have caused even regular citizens to starve. The leader has no heart. Evil incarnate he is.

Please pray for the people of this country--that they would know peace, that they would know freedom, that they will know a satisfied stomach, in their lifetime.

Please Lord, give courage to other countries as well--who can help. This leader needs to be taken down, Lord. Please, make it happen. We can't save the world, true. It's too expensive; American is broke. But this regime just can't be allowed to continue to exist. Provide the money, Lord. Provide the brave people. Provide the deep-seated repulsion in people's hearts for this regime. Make your voice known Lord!

And for those in the prison camps--most of whom are likely there for the wrong reasons--sustain them Lord with your spirit. Make yourself known to them. Give them a joy that surpasses all understanding. I believe in your power Lord. Even someone who has only corn meal and mice to eat, Lord, can have their spirit transformed by you. Show yourself in mighty ways through this whole situation.


Sandi said...

Hi Pam,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading. THank you also for sharing some of your story. I am so sorry about your sweet babies gone before you. In addition to saying goodbye to Jonah we lost two babies at 12 weeks.

I do know what you mean about seeing the gospel and finding more joy in these hard circumstances we find ourselves. Truly God works out His purposes in us through these times.
I will pray for your husbands job. We went through this last fall loosing our job the week our son was being born....God provided a new one three days before going to the hospital to have him. IT was amazing timing! We have many stories like this....all declaring His goodness even in the worst of places.

I look forward to exploring your blog in the next little while. This week and next are quite full with doctors appts and recitals.


Sandi said...

PS I love the sun flower picture as your header...we plant sunflowers every year for Jonah. The spring he died we planted one for him and it grew 15ft tall.

Anyway, thanks for the fond memory!