Thursday, May 14, 2009

TV 'Ain't All Bad

Every weekday at 4:00 pm, if chores are done, the boys settle down to watch a PBS math show called Cyberchase. It was forbidden until several months ago, when Daniel turned 7. I didn't like the good guy/bad guy stuff in it; it just didn't seem appropriate for the under-7 set. Timothy loves math so much that I haven't had the heart to ask him to leave the room while it's showing.

Anyhow, lately I've seen episodes involving rudimentary multiplication, such as figuring out how to share cookies equally among friends. So what did I notice as I went by the boys' room just now? Playing pretend school, Daniel was hard at work figuring out how to give each student an equal number of index cards. I was one happy teacher-Mom!

TV 'ain't all bad!

My cyber-friend Arwen Spor, from the Spors in the Desert blog, is due with her second child in 16 days! Everything has gone wonderfully so far. I believe she has a birth plan ready to go, so please pray that the medical staff honors her wishes and that everything goes smoothly! I'm so excited for you, Arwen!


Margie said...

My kiddos love Cyberchase as well even though they don't watch as much in the afternoons as they used to. I let them watch in the winter months while I am making dinner. Wordgirl is another favorite even with my 4 year old. Got to love PBS programing.

Andrew & Terri said...

As a teacher, I LOVED Cyberchase! I used it as a "reward" for our all-out state test review sessions...and they were really still reviewing! LOVE!