Friday, May 15, 2009

A Nice Blue (and other tidbits)

Except in relation to his picky eating, Timothy is easy to rear. He reminds me of the quiet classroom child who gets practically forgotten because so many other students are higher maintenance. I have to purposely give him some press time on this blog or he might someday feel slighted. Possessing a great sense of humor, and a logical, detail-oriented, gentle personality, he does come up with some quotables.

Today he was looking for matching socks in his sock basket. Encountering a sock that was light blue on the bottom, with which he painted my dining room floor over the weekend, I heard him say: "Oh....the paint sock.......It didn't come off."

I suspect he thought he was in for a scolding. I could literally see his little brain ticking, looking for the exactly right thing to say.

Timothy: "Doesn't it look so much prettier now?"

Later, while eating a snack in the dining room, he says this:

Timmy: "Mommy, what's 7 take away 9?"

Mommy: "You actually can't take 9 away from 7. It's more than you're starting with."

Timmy: "Mommy! Yes you can! It's negative 2!"

Mommy: (flabbergasted) "Wow, Timmy! That's exactly right." (Looking over at my husband, I flash him a "we're in trouble with this kid, you know" kind of look.)

In other news, when Daniel woke up this morning he said to me: "I didn't have a bad dream about Cyberchase, Mommy. I didn't." He probably thought I would force him to quit watching, yet some part of him wanted me to know his dilemma. There's no way to really know how the kids are processing the bad-guy parts of shows. I watched with them yesterday and I didn't see any obvious nervousness in either boy in relation to the content. It was a great lesson about diameter and circumference and how they're related. As kids go, mine seem pretty sensitive, but I thought Daniel's comment might be worth sharing anyway.

I'm off to suction Anna's nose with the dreaded blue thing (she's hysterical while I do it). Yeah, we've got another spring cold. I thought it was perhaps dandelion allergy, but since the baby has it there's no question now. Joy, joy joy!

The funny thing about babies is how they settle down a couple minutes after, and give you a look like, "Hey, I can breathe from my nose now. How 'bout that?" Then they smile and coo away, not realizing that the blue thing took away some misery.

Man, I love babies! They are just so sunny, so optimistic, so playful! (After the five-month mark.) So completely reveling in joy! (Minus being forced to mouth breathe.) Everything is new and wonderful to them. Anna is loving our stroller (exercise) walks. Finally we've had two sunny days, after what seemed like eons of cloudy ones.

Enjoy your weekend, Friends!

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