Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No fuss

Emily Rose (aka "My do myself!") has proven less stubborn than Timothy. She didn't get out of her crib again last night, and she waited for me to get her out this morning. A little cooperation soothes the mothering soul. No?

Anna Grace awoke earlier than usual--an early 6:30a.m. rather than a respectable 7:30. We got some toys and let her play between us in bed. She babbled to us....we babbled tiredly back. She rolled back and forth between us, attempting to fully wake us. It was the sweetest experience, I must say, notwithstanding how tired I was.

Anna was ready for her first nap at 8:30 a.m. Daddy had to go on a milk run, so I put her in her crib but couldn't sit here at the computer. I was supervising the morning play of Emily and Timothy instead.

I checked back twice, while she rolled around in her crib, talking to herself. Lo and behold, after about ten minutes, she had put herself to sleep.

A little cooperation warms the mothering heart. Sometimes, things just work out. No fuss or muss.

Now, is it just me, or do they seem to be easier with girls? A dangerous statement--I know. One of my girls will have a respectable hissy fit today, just because I said that.

Side note: Stephanie, is there an editing website that is helpful in reviewing grammar rules, punctuation rules (like use of hyphens), etc.? Thank you!


Margie said...

Congratulations on getting Emily staying in bed last night and this morning. My Ainsley girl still waits for me to come get her every morning. Also, I am so happy for you that Anna Grace is beginning to soothe herself to sleep. What a wonderful Mom you are, so inspiring to me. I also hope for no a wonderful rest of your day!

9ndhouse- Katie said...

All children are different, some of my girls were sweet and easy at bed times like that, the others were sweet and sneaky! LOL! Hope all continues peacefully!

Steph said...

Hi Pam,
I don't have a favourite site or anything, but if you do an online search for "grammar tutorials" you can often find good websites. Try to stick with sites that are posted by colleges or universities (specifically English departments). Here is an example - I haven't studied it closely but at a quick glance it looks as if it offers some good tips. Hope it helps! I think your grammar is pretty good, though!