Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I knew it was coming

I knew it was coming. Mentally, I prepared. It was only a matter of days.

Tonight, it happened.

Emily Rose got out of her crib after lights-out time. Physically, she's been capable of it for some time. Last fall she got out twice, but then decided she rather still liked her crib. I was pregnant, and very happy she made that wise decision.

Tonight, she decided she rather liked CLIMBING OUT. This was AFTER the bathing, brushing of teeth, reading of stories, singing of songs, giving of hugs, and finally..to end it..the lights-out farewell.

She got out three times within a twenty-minute period. Bedtime has been peaceful for a very long time. No more.

We have a plan. The broken record routine--which worked well with Timothy when he was 2.5 years old. Keep putting her back in, no matter how many times she comes out. Say a brief, loving goodnight each time, keeping our voice cheerful, but still matter-of-fact. We won't have a hissy fit about the repetition of it all. I had a couple of those when Timothy went through this. They don't work. NEVER let them see you sweat.

Timothy, known for his stubbornness back then, once got out thirteen times IN A ROW! I finally just camped outside his door. Going about my business was useless.

After a couple tear-filled weeks, bedtime became peaceful. I had won. (Don was second-shift back then, and I was pregnant with Emily)

I will win again. I will. I will. No two year old is going to do me in. No sirree.

It's been thirty minutes, and she hasn't come out again. Might I be so lucky? Will that be it?

Stay tuned.

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