Thursday, May 28, 2009

A good laugh - Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

Just taking a second to tell you about a very funny part of your early-language learning period.

Each one of my children has said "thank you" differently. Daniel still says "sank you". Timothy's rendition was pretty accurate.

When you say it, My Rosebud, everyone giggles--if it's their first time hearing it. Can you guess why?

When you pray at dinnertime, here is how it goes: "F--- you Jesus, for the food."

When someone gives you something and I remind you of your manners, you say "f--- you" with a smile on your face. Then instead of a "You're welcome" and a smile back, the person just giggles and looks at Momma and then giggles some more.

I'm sure you wonder what is so funny. As soon as the person recovers from the giggling, they hug you or pat you and say "You're welcome", with a smile.

Thank you for the sweet times, My Rose. You are truly a delight! Part of me can't wait for the proper pronunciation to come in, and part of me will be sad when it does. We mommas need a good laugh, at least once a day.

All My Love,


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9ndhouse- Katie said...

OH Thank goodness!! I'm soo glad to read this! My daughter is saying thank you the same way!! Everyone grins though! She says the same thing for truck too, as in "Daddy's f---", and she is always soo excited when she sees it! We sure do need those laughs, they are what keeps us going! Kinda helps keep the joy bucket full! Great post! :-)